About Us

Our Mission

Young Business Solutions, LLC, in collaboration with its business partners, helps launch and grow small and mid-size businesses. We desire to serve as a one-stop-shop providing a full range of accounting, financial, administrative, and planning services designed to build long-term relationships with our clients that foster sustainable and healthy business growth.

Our Core Values

PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE: Our work adheres to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) and other industry standards. While endeavoring to meet critical timelines, we will not take short-cuts on thoroughness and accuracy that would expose our clients to risk or in any way injure their business interest. We will keep abreast of, and employ where appropriate, new technology and methodology to better serve the needs of our clients.

HIGH VALUE RESULTS: The services we render clients should result in returned value in excess of the fees we charge. Our goal is to release clients from having to do the things that we do best, and better equipping them to do what they do best.

PRODUCTIVE PARTNERSHIPS: We are looking for long-term partnerships with our clients, so that as they grow, we grow. Trust-based win-win relationships involve mutual respect and honor, which we hope to earn based on our performance. We also foster partnerships that extend our reach and ability to serve our client base.

HEALTHY GROWTH: Clear direction, wise decisions, and diligent use of resources over time are the ingredients of sustainable growth. While environmental factors beyond our control play a part in the rate of growth, bold vision, discipline, and good stewardship are essential for transforming hope into reality. We are committed for the long-haul, not just quick fixes.

RELATIONAL INTEGRITY: Beyond satisfying business needs, we are committed to serving the broader community and world of which we are a part. We care about our clients as people, not just as business interests. Our passion is to serve the needs of others and encourage them to do likewise, so that the world is made better as a result. This is not just an ideal. It is a commitment to live at peace with others and to work toward the reconciliation of conflicts that arise in our relationships with others.

INFORMED PLANNING: Thorough assessment and evaluation is the necessary preparation for creative and comprehensive planning. Planning is an essential element of the business development and growth process. We will always seek to understand the nature and root cause of a business problem before seeking to design and implement business solutions. In the long run this reduces costs and increases profit and mission success.

QUIET CONFIDENCE: While basing our business practices and relationships with clients on a solid foundation of time-tested principles and inner convictions, we will maintain a posture of learners, always eager to improve as persons and business professionals. We will do this by seeking feedback and encouraging open communication in all our dealings with others.



Douglas A. Young, CPA

If you want hands-on help and advice from a seasoned CPA specializing in small-businesses, Doug is your man. His diverse background includes experience with both Big 4 and regional CPA firms, as well as key finance positions at several closely-held companies. He’s been on both sides of the accounting world and brings a broad advisory perspective to his small business clients. In addition, his skills and intuition with the QuickBooks® small business accounting package enable him to service the business owner well.


Member : Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), PA Institute of CPA’s (PICPA)

Phone: (610) 368-3230
Email: Doug@youngcpa.net