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For over 35 years, they have offered an exceptional value on small business banking supplies, such as manual and software compatible business checks, deposit tickets, deposit bags, tax forms, self-ink stamps and other accessories. Over 500,000 businesses nationwide have saved time and money with EiPrinting.

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Incorporation Services

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Password Automation & Protection

RoboForm: Learn more...

If you are like us, you have more passwords to keep track of than you can shake a stick at! That is, if you are using different and hard-to-guess passwords like the identity theft experts recommend (of course you are, aren’t you?)

Well I’ve discovered a wonderful solution — RoboForm. Once you download it and set it up, it remembers your passwords, so that you do not have to write them on pieces of paper. Not only does it fill in the passwords for you, it can do the whole login thing: go to a site, fill forms and click the “Login” button.

It also can fill those obnoxiously long web forms in one click. And as you add usernames and passwords to new websites, it automatically prompts you to add them to your RoboForm list. I really like it and best of all, it is completely free. They do not show ads to you and they do not spy on you. RoboForm has received very positive reviews from publications such as The Wall St Journal, Financial Times and PC Magazine. And they’ve had over 22 million users to date!

NOTE: The free version is only good for 10 passwords after 30 days, so if you think you will have more than that, it’s probably best to just buy the full version up front.

Web Hosting

PowWeb has hosted my website for many years with NO down time, they have incredible telephone service and a great price, too! To get more info or to sign up, click on the picture below.

Event Registration

Eventbrite is the world’s largest self-service event ticketing site. They give people the power to sell tickets online to their own events.
Eventbrite’s extensive feature set and flexibility make it a great solution for all types of events — from small reunions to large conferences. Eventbrite is FREE to use! Pay only when charging for tickets: $0.99 + 2.5% of ticket price for paid events (Max. $9.95 per ticket ).

It’s FREE to try out. Get started now by clicking on the link below.